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Monday, 16 November 2009

Acceptable in the 80s

Sunday afternoon was spent in the lovely surrounds of Dulwich college at the Mid-century.Modern design show. It has been going for 5 years or so, and has an enormous range of styles, both vintage and current. I'm not a design expert in any sense, but there are some gorgeous pieces and the list of testimonials on there website suggests I'm not the only one who was impressed.

Dulwich is yummymummyville at the best of times, but having a design show there sent everything critical, sucking in overly-thin, well-groomed women in their late 30s / early 40s from all over the place. I imagine places like Blackheath and Wandsworth Town were completely drained, and I have heard reports of shortages as far away as Whitstable.

They were accompanied by a disproportionately high number of French men, many of whom wore preposterous hats and impressive moustaches, although the most impressive moustache was reserved for Paul K, who we met there, and is contributing to Movember. It's a worthy cause, and it makes him look like a Dutch pornstar. You can donate here, and if you do, tell him you followed the link. If we can send enough traffic, perhaps Paul will let me put up a picture of the full effort before he's forced to shave it off.

I spent the hour and a half we were there in the last throws of a massive caffeine high and the early stages of a crashing withdrawal, so my ability to recall is mixed. I remember being very impressed by this piece, thinking it would be a lovely and important motivational message to see as I left the house every morning, and arrived home every night.

We took some people's cards away though, so I'll do an edit later and try to link to some of the pieces. That'll only happen if I can work out how to embed images, though, because editing hyperlinks can only be interesting for so long...

We made precisely zero purchases, being frequently scuppered by the fact Stef and I have wildly differing taste, and when we did agree either the price was too high or we didn't need the item in question.

The final thing to note was how well the setting worked. Dulwich College is a wonderful building (for those that know my old school, it's like KC but attractive and without the unpleasant memories) but the best thing was how incongruous the setting was for a show of this kind. They held it in the main entry hall, a couple of classrooms and a couple of corridors, and, rather brilliantly, the dining hall, often using the schools dining tables, and being set up in front of entrances to the kitchen.

An excellent show - highly recommended when the next one comes in six month's time.

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