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Friday, 6 November 2009

First up

I have resolved (again) to start a blog, and after 20 minutes messing about instead of sleeping or watching Armstrong and Miller, I settled on Deserted Vastness as a name.

It comes from Nights on the Circus by Angela Carter.

"Outside the window, there slides past that unimaginable and deserted vastness where night is coming on, the sun declining in ghastly blood-streaked splendour like a public execution across, it would seem, half a continent, where live only bears and shooting stars and the wolves who lap congealing ice from water that holds within it the entire sky."

If you've never read Angela Carter, do so at the first chance you get. But start with Wise Children and work up from there.

The quote fits the kind of thing I hope I end up writing. It's beautifully macabre, and captures a sense of reverance and awe at the scale of the world and the things we don't know about in it.
It's also just pretentious enough for people to take the piss out of me for it.

Calling it Jon Treadway's blog wasn't really an option, as someone else got there first. And, while I wish my namesake every success with his endeavours, you should know that this is NOT my website.


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