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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Pod Delusion inspires delusions of Godhood

A belated plug on here for the excellent Pod Delusion, which is up to its 9th episode and rapidly climbing up the iTunes listings (peaked at #73, people!) It's run by the extremely busy James O'Malley who has a blog and several projects, including the new Skeptical Voter website. That will be a fantastic tool that gathers momentum in the run up to the next election.

It's a podcast about interesting things, so is right up my avenue - so much so, that I've contributed a review of "The Men Who Stare At Goats", a film of the Jon Ronson book, to the latest episode.

Such is the reach of this wonderful podcast, that I am informed Jon Ronson has listened and tweeted about the review - he says it is "very funny and interesting and kind". I was far too excited about this for my own health.

If you have listened to the podcast, please, please, please can you leave a review on iTunes for us? It really helps us gain traffic and move us up the rankings, where others will see us.

For those who haven't yet listened here's a summary of my review.

The film's good and very funny (especially Clooney), but it isn't very skeptical. It doesn't claim to be 'based on' the book but 'inspired by' it. As such, the two have only a limited amount in common, and the book is far funnier, has a more satisfying narrative flow, and is skeptical but in the genial, very open-minded way that Ronson does so brilliantly. It even does the anti-war stance (where the film focuses its attention) much better.

So, by all means go and see it, but make sure you buy the book as well!

PS A quick error correction - two or three times in the review on the podcast I refer to Jon Ronson's 'novel'. The important and most worrying thing about the events covered by the book (unlike the film) is that they are all true, so I should have said 'book', not 'novel'. Apologies Mr Ronson, should you ever read this!

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