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Friday, 27 November 2009

Weekend wound-up - 2

The first thing that has annoyed me this week is me. I have been both this and like this, meaning I have posted precisely zero times. That's ok, but it means two successive posts of things that are irritating me, and I am reluctant to become just a serial blogger of miserable crap, if only because I don't want to end up like this.

Ho hum. Onto other stuff.

  • The Taxpayers Alliance who campaign for tax changes and represent that nebulous group - 'ordinary taxpayers'. They are always happy to trumpet their own news coverage, unless it is stories like which are less favourable. Fortunately, it appears they're not the most competent bunch. They forgot to register the org domain, and a different group is now using that site to highlight the other, darker side of organisation. Huzzah!
  • Not so much something that has annoyed me, but something I've watched with growing sadness in anticipation of the car crash that is to come - the Belgian story of the coma patient. There are real suggestions that it isn't what it seems, but actually a case of facilitated communication. This is a technique which seems to work but doesn't, with often tragic consequences. Steve Novella covers it in great detail and with appropriate sensitivity, but none of the mainstream media seem to have picked it up yet. They're still running it as a miracle, but as soon as someone tries it with a non-Flemish speaking carer, this is going to be awful.
  • Twitter, because the people over at Little Atoms and the Pod Delusion (new episode out today!!! with Ariane Sherine, pin-up of choice for rationalists everywhere!!!) read what I said last week and got me lots of new followers - 15 of them, to be precise. And I now feel a great pressure to say interesting and exciting things to them. On the plus side, Sid Rodrigues did ask me to be on his pub quiz team, so I shouldn't be too downbeat.
  • Finally, I had to turn down tickets to see the lovely and wonderful Lisa Hannigan on Tuesday, and apparently it was wonderful. I read one review that said she was too twee, but that is exactly why I love her! It left me green with envy.
That's all for now, but I will post again over the weekend. Otherwise, follow me on twitter here, or Facebook here.

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