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Friday, 20 November 2009

Weekend wound-up

You will see that my biog to the right says that I spend my time in South London finding out new stuff and getting excited and cross about it. Most of my blog posts so far have been about the former, and I imagine that tend will continue.
However, there is plenty of the latter too, and in a hopeless attempt to try and be more zen at weekends, and as an excuse to make an awful, awful pun, I’m going to start doing a Friday digest of stuff that’s wound me up this week.

  • The PCC’s hamfisted, unnecessary and probably-doomed-to-failure attempts at extending their reach to cover blogging. You can read about it here on the Liberal conspiracy blog. It now looks like their response was a bit disproportionate as the PCC have backed off a bit, but the substance of their points on the ethics of the print media are correct and the PCC have failed to engage any of them. I signed at number 145, and you should too, especially if you blog yourself.

  • Twitter. I’ve joined. I’ve posted a couple of times. I’m following Stef, James from the Pod Delusion (new episode out today – download it!) and Rebecca Watson from Skepchick. Everyone tells me this is the place to attract more readers and engage with the wider liberal and skeptical community. I just don’t get how or why that’s the case. I clearly have more work to do.

  • Two more years of Oprah? Really? Damnation. I guess she figured there were too many quacks and charlatans out there for her to quit just yet.

  • Thierry Henry. Smug, lanky and more of a bastard than we all thought he was. I didn’t hear him interviewed after the game, but I’m willing to believe that, when asked if he was ashamed of what he’d done, he melodramatically shrugged his shoulders and went ‘bof’. At least he’s not as good as he used to be.

  • This very sad story from the Czech Republic. There were snow leopards in Port Lympne zoo very near where I grew up, and I had a huge poster of one on my wall for about 5 years. This is about a white tiger, but the strange melancholy of the leopards colouring was what I loved about them, and I can only assume that’s why I was disproportionately sad when I read the story this morning.

  • OK – that’s the lot this week.
    I only want to add that I’ve had over 50 unique visitors over the last week since I told people about the blog, so hello! All of them have been in the UK, and mostly in London, with the exception of Oxford, Braintree and Rickmansworth. Let me know who you are, and leave me some comments.
    And finally, I bought an iPhone last week, and so I promise to post as often as I can, although you’ll have to forgive me the odd spelling mistake.
    *NB Note that they highlight the Guardian as the gold-standard for engaging with readers. Another reason to join the campaign to save them! I’ll be writing more on this in the next couple of weeks.

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