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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The 7 Greatest Christmas songs you’ve never heard

It being the 1st of December, the lights and tree are going up in the Treadway household tonight. Truth be told, I’ve been eating mince pies since late October and had various seasonal tracks on my iPod since we left Bonfire night behind us. This is very much my favourite time of year.

I thought I’d take the opportunity to spread the word about some of the more unusual Christmas tracks I’ve come across. I’ve been a bit of a connoisseur of the Christmas song ever since my days as DJ Formaggio at the sadly-missed Pop Ceilidh Christmas events, and I’ve come across some slightly obscure gems. So, every three days or so between now and the big day, I’ll be posting a recommendation.

Just before I begin, though, a quick review of the new Bob Dylan album “Christmas In The Heart”.

If he wasn’t releasing it as a single, I’d have included his version of “Must Be Santa” on my list, because it’s a lovely, rollicking little treat.

On the album as a whole, though, I’ll say this. I read another review which said “This album is one for real Dylan completists only”. I’d extend that and say: “This album is one for real Dylan & Christmas album completists only”. Bob doesn’t do much but growl these days, and the 15 tracks here are only for the fainthearted.

That’s that then – onto the list!

The 7 Greatest Christmas songs you’ve never heard

#7 - Together All Alone by Robin & Linda Williams

This is taken from a very gentle album full of Christmas songs – full of very sweet, overtly religious country tracks. The harmonies are well judged, the production and guitar work in particular entirely sympathetic to the songs. I’ve chosen this track because it contains the best single line I’ve come across in any Christmas track:

“The wind is howling like Miles Davis gone insane; pounding on the tin roof and the window panes”

A better evocation of the weekend’s weather I’ve yet to come across.

More of this on Friday.

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