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Friday, 25 December 2009

The 7 Greatest Christmas Songs You've Never Heard - #1

#1 - It's Clichéd to be Cynical at Christmas by Half Man Half Biscuit

And so to the finish, with John Peel's favourite band helping us over the line. Half Man Half Biscuit are muicians in the folk tradition, in that their songs tell stories, but you can expect a more sound more familiar to Peel listeners than to wassailers and folkies.

The Trouble over Bridgwater album has some absolute gems on it, and you may well have heard 24 Hour Garage People in your travels. However, buried in the middle of the album is this wonderful Christmas track.

It's the perfect and undisputed number one because it manages to sound Christmassy without being schmaltzy, the lead vocal is just world weary enough for the lyric, and because of the choir on the segue into I Saw Three Ships at the end of the track. The sentiment of the song also captures my feelings on the season exactly.

Take 5 minutes today to listen to it over a glass of fizz and a mince pie - and have a lovely Christmas, and a happy New Year.

My next blog post will be on Ear Candling in Locksbottom - I'm sure you can't wait.

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